La Stampa: Li-Fi, the future of wi-fi travels with light

Data will travel...through light. This is the condition of Li-Fi, the technology that will, in a near future, substitute wi-fi. As published by the daily La Stampa, Li-Fi is still at an experimental stage, however many companies are getting ready for the   elements necessary for its use.

Particularly, according to Apple Insider, the Indian Velmenni has already started testing phase in Tallin, Estonia, with a wireless data transfer in wireless mode in the company. Apple's interest - according to a leak Li-Fi technology could already be compatible with the iPhone 7 - is the proof that it's a serious affair. In very simple terms, Li-Fi is a high speed, wireless data transmission technology, similar therefore to wi-fi of which it can use the same protocol 802.11, but that uses Led light as a means of transmission.
There are many advantages for the use of light instead of radio waves, even for the events market. In the lab speeds of 224 Gigabits per second have been reached, which means a data download speed 100 times superior to wi-fi. Moreover, Li-Fi solves interference problems, and there would not be need for a router or transmission devices. Particularly, smartphones and tablets can exploit Li-Fi technology thanks to the camera sensor. It is possible that the first commercial compatible products are available already by end of 2016.
Italian Venue
2 February

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