A.W. Salah Nsouli: Fostering Lebanese - Italian relations since 1977

A.W. Salah Nsouli is a general trader, contractor, manufacturer of facilities in different fields of industry, supplier and contractor of complete production line for industrial projects, commercial vessels.
To shed more lights on company activities, we had the following interview with Mr. Abdel Wadoud Nsouli, owner of A.W. Salah Nsouli and Vice president of the Lebanese Italian Business Council, Lebitalia.

Q. When was your company established and what development stages it went through?
A.  Established during the year 1977 in Beirut, Lebanon, our company is located in Mousaitbeh, Beirut -Lebanon.

Q. What are the main products/services you are recognized for?
A.  A.W. Salah Nsouli is distributor, exporter, importer, manufacturer, general trade, contracting, engineering and supply of turn-key projects in different fields of industries.

Q. What are the major areas of the company’s specialization?
A.  We are specialized in trade  and in different other sectors : environmental protection technology, waste management plants, recycling and electrical generation and installations, agriculture equipment, medical and hospital equipment, telecommunication equipment and information infrastructure needs, in addition to trucks, ambulances, fire trucks, water treatment systems, agriculture, slaughter house, refrigeration and air cooling equipment, communication and radar.
Food products.
Livestock - Bulls, Calves

Q. Your major markets?
A. Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Middle East and GCC.

Q. When did you start your business with Italy?
A. We started our business cooperation with Italian firms in 1972 and we started our own factory and export company to cover the Middle East in 1979.
We represent Italian companies specialized in supplying complete production lines, machinery and equipment for the glass, ceramic, tiles, sanitary ware, tableware industry and other in fields of activity.

Q. What should be done in your opinion to further develop Lebanon-Italy relationship?
A. As a member of different economic associations and as Vice president of the Lebanese Italian Business Council (Lebitalia), I believe that we can strengthen trade partnerships between Lebanon and Italy ranks among Lebanon’s top trade partners with more around $1.5 billion of imports annually and promote and enhance the export of Lebanese products to Italy

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