ARCOM Ceramics: Lebitalia can strengthen Lebanon-Italy trade relations by organizing exhibitions and business meetings for all its members

ARCOM was established in the early 1990’s and since then has proven itself as a leader in the market. ARCOM started first at Rayak – Bekaa and expanded to many branches: Airport Blvd, Verdun, Tayouneh, Sin El-Fil, Zahle, and Coccodi.
ARCOM’s main branch, one of the biggest showrooms in the field of ceramics and sanitary ware products is located at Airport Blvd., Beirut.
ARCOM is also a member of Lebitalia, the Lebanese Italian Business Council. We had the following interview with Ali Al Moussawi, Business Development Manager of the company.

Q.    What are the main products/services that ARCOM is recognized for?
A.    ARCOM has a wide range collection of ceramics and porcelain tiles, sanitary ware, fittings, Jacuzzis & steam boxes, mosaics, bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories.

Q.    What are the major areas of the company’s specialization? Are there other fields you would like to expand into?
A.    The major area of our company is our specialty in ceramic tiles and sanitary ware. We are looking forward to expand in the furniture business.

Q.    What are major accomplishments you think the company has achieved that is worth noting?
A.    The major accomplishments the company has achieved are the following:
-    Having large showrooms enough to provide customers all kinds of products and ranges starting from luxurious and high end products to medium-low ranges products.
-    Having big stocks enough to deliver all materials right away, which empowers us to be strong in retail, wholesale and projects.

Q.    What can we expect from the company in the near future?
A.    We are extending our product lines to set an even larger variety for your leisure, In addition to our expansions into new branches.

Q.    When did you start your business with Italy?
A.    ARCOM GROUP is a major importer from Italy since 1995.

Q.    How did it develop?
A.    Italy is a major supplier for different items that we deal with, our relationship developed through exhibitions, meetings, conferences, etc...

Q.    What do you import (or export to) from Italy? Trade volume?
A.    We import tiles (porcelain/ceramic), mosaics, sanitary ware, shower enclosures, vanities, fittings, accessories, and adhesives & grout.

Q.    What should be done in your opinion to further develop Lebanon-Italy relationship?
A.    In order to have a successful business it’s a necessity to build strong relationships, and this could be done by developing solid business connections, by cultivating them through attending multicultural networking events like professional organizations, cultural events, conferences, diversity forums, minority business expos and community events are all great places to network, in addition to getting involved , and collaborate with gatherings and associations, while communicating and becoming more acquainted with others from various foundations. It will require investment to assemble trust and to build up real connections on the long term.

Q.    What role can Lebitalia play in enhancing the bilateral relations?
A.    It’s vital for both parties to meet face to face, and stay active, therefore Lebitalia can strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries by organizing exhibitions, fairs, presentations, conferences, business meetings and gatherings for all its members, this would  provide a platform to Lebitalia members to promote their products or services to a broader group that may have little or no knowledge of those products/services, in the aim of allowing both parties to interact and therefore develop future business relations.

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