A Lebanese and Middle Eastern entrepreneurial success story: Abdul Razzak Itani & Sons - Arison s.a.r.l

For the past 60 years, Abdul Razzak Itani & Sons - Arison s.a.r.l has been one of the major innovators in pumps, water and sewage projects, and in power generation fields in the market. With seven locations in Lebanon; one head office and five showrooms with warehouses, one piece of art centralized Industrial center for manufacturing and maintenance. ARISON has also expanded during the past two decades to reach some Middle East and Gulf countries and has recorded remarkable success and presence.
Lebitalia had the following interview Mohammad Itani, the Managing Partner in charge of the entire Operations at Abdul Razzak Itani & Sons - Arison s.a.r.l.  Mr. Mohammad Itani is also an advisor to Lebitalia’s Executive Board.

Q. What are the main products/services you are recognized for?
A. Arison is one of the main pioneers in distribution, supply, installation, and servicing of Pumps (all application), Power Generating sets, pipes, valves, solar systems, and all their related electrical & mechanical accessories.

Q. What are the major areas of the company’s specialization? Are there other fields you would like to expand into?
A. Our Major Field of work is: Pumping Stations, Water & Sewage treatment Plants, Water Supply Projects, Power Generation, Fire Fighting systems, Irrigation and Sprinkling schemes, Industrial Plants and Building Industry.
Arison is expanding in the fields of sea water desalination plants, and Solar Panels Systems for power generation.

Q. What are major accomplishments you think the company has achieved that is worth mentioning?
A. ARISON had executed turnkey mega water supply in Lebanon, Iraq, and UAE and has proudly proven to be a reliable and major player and reference  in the water and sewage, and power generation sectors...

Q. What can we expect from the company in the near future?
A. The company’s aims when looking ahead to continue its growth throughout the Middle East, the Gulf, and Africa; offering the latest technology in handling power generation schemes, water, wastewater and related hydraulic systems in the region. This fits with the company’s mission for improving the standards of living in remote areas.

Q. When did you start your business with Italy?
A. Early 1960’s.

Q. How did it develop?
A. Started in the 1960s with one Italian company producing submersible pumps and which was competing at its days with a well-known German brand, to reaching around 20 companies in 2016 dealing with all kind of pumps, diesel engines, pipes, valves, power alternators, electrical and mechanical equipment.. Some of the brands are leaders in their line of business in Lebanon and worldwide. Arison succeeded to build this large portfolio of Italian brands due to the quantity associated with their products, and to the aftersales service policy followed by Arison; and which was linked to the full support and dedication from the Italian principles.

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