Five star hotel slated for Ramlet Al-Baida and a $50 million entertainment center for Saloumeh

BLUR, a five-star boutique hotel, is set to launch in Ramlet El Baida. Construction work will start next year, and will be completed in 2020.

The hotel is owned by Hojeij Group Holding, which owns the Middle East and African Bank (MEAB).

The total built-up area of the hotel is 10,500 square meters (m2). The hotel will include 215 rooms and suites. It will comprise three restaurants, one of which is located on the rooftop, as well as a swimming pool, conference hall, and spa.

Investment in the project is estimated to exceed $50 million.

Built by Associative Data (BAD) is the designer and consultant for the project.

Includes hotel, restaurants, and cinemas.

On the other hand, Real Estate Developers (RED), a newly established company owned by Andreas Iliovits, will gradually open Beirut Business Center, an entertainment complex in Saloumeh starting this month.

Iliovits, a Lebanese-Greek investor, has been active mainly in the construction material business in the UAE. He is the Chairman of Mosart Marble and Mosaic Company in Abu Dhabi. This is his first investment locally.

Iliovits said that investment in the project exceeds $50 million.

The total built-up area of the center is 60,000 square meters. It comprises five buildings.

The center will include a 75-rooms hotel. “It will be a boutique hotel managed internally,” he said. The hotel is scheduled to open in 2019.

It will also include several restaurants: Kan Ya Makan, a local restaurant capable of receiving 350 seated persons, Verseine, a French Piano Bar restaurant, PitchBlack, a nightclub for 450 seated persons, Bearcat pub, Catador a cigar lounge that includes 10,000 wine bottles and liquor, O-hashi a sushi restaurant, and a Pizz and Pin pizzeria.

The center will also include Tactical Fitness gym, H2O spa, as well as a 4,000 m2 playground including a wide range of games and activities for all ages.

Beirut Business Center will contain a theater comprising 1,000 seats, as well as studio that can record for 90 musicians at the same time. It will also contain music and dancing academies.

The center will have five movie theaters that will be operated by VOX, as well as a public library, which will be free for university students, according to Iliovits. The library could also be used as a hall for conferences.

Iliovits said that the project will create 1,000 full time jobs once complete.

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