Foster + Partners’ High-rise Project ‘3Beirut’ Revives the Lebanese Capital

Foster + Partners just wrapped up its new high-rise project ‘3 Beirut’ which is meant to develop the Lebanese capital, Beirut.
The towers augment the Mediterranean city’s importance regarding recreation, trade, and tourism. The new project comprises three high-rises clad in limestone in addition to cafes, shops, and restaurants.
The project resides in downtown Beirut and it is a part of a bigger plan to develop the area.
The architectural firm was mainly aiming to integrate the project with community programs by creating new walkways and public gardens. Thus, linking the notable district with the pier. The project’s central building has been moved back to leave a space for a landscaped courtyard.
“We are delighted that 3Beirut has reached completion, which is the result of close collaboration between the client and Foster + Partners. the result is a high-quality building that gives back to the city”, said Luke Fox, a senior executive partner at Foster + Partners.
The facades on the north side of ‘3Beirut’ encompass big glass windows, allowing the residents to enjoy the incredible views of the pier, whereas the southern side includes green roofs and balconies. The different heights of the towers provide a great amount of privacy for the residents, who started to move in earlier this year.
Almost all the residential units have been sold and many amenities have been opened for the residents like the gym, the pool, and the automobile display room.