Italy donates to Lebanon's industrial zone development

Italy has donated nearly $600,000 to the United Nations Industrial Development Program to fund the development of industrial zones in Lebanon, a statement from UNIDO said Tuesday.
“The industry minister asked for UNIDO’s support in their efforts towards the development of sustainable industrial zones and, in doing so, provide a platform to foster Inclusive and Sustainable Industrialization (ISID) and create job opportunities," UNIDO representative Cristiano Pasini said in the statement.
The Italian Ambassador Massimo Marotti and Pasini met Industry Minister Hussein Hajj Hasan and head of the Council for Development and Reconstruction Nabil Jisr at the Industry Ministry in Qasqas to announce the donation of $590,145 (500,000 euros).
The donation will fund the second phase of “The Development of Industrial Zones” project and help the Lebanese government build the required infrastructure for sustainable industrial zones.
Pasini noted that during the second phase, the Industry Ministry would be exposed to best practices and international experiences in industrial zone development.
“Italy supports the development of industrial zones in Lebanon," Ambassador Marotti said. "In the first phase, we granted 500,000 euro for the feasibility study by UNIDO, and we are happy to fund also the second phase.”
He emphasized the need to promote job creation and provide the younger generation with job opportunities.
The industrial zones project was established in 2016 and included master-plans for three sustainable industrial zones in Lebanon.
In May 2017, UNIDO completed their feasibility study and environmental and social impact assessment, and concluded that the project would require approximately $120 million but would impact 27,000 to 31,000 jobs.
The Daily Star