Italian Ambassador launches Italian Cultural Institute Activities for 2018

The Italian Ambassador to Lebanon has launched the program of 2018's cultural activities. This year's focus is on the Mediterranean under the title: "Italia, Culture e Mediterraneo". It is an initiative of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MIBAC), which will take place throughout 2018 in the MENA region.

The program, which is part of the Special Plan "Vivere all'Italiana" [Experiencing the Italian way of life] will encompass a great number of high-quality activities, ranging from contemporary art to dance, music, both classical and modern, cinema, all of which will be organized by the Italian Cultural Institute and the Italian Embassy, in collaboration with distinguished Lebanese partners.

The key concept is to foster intercultural dialogue, respect for different cultural identities, traditions, innovation and creativity. Culture is the best mean to achieving stability and peace in the Mediterranean. It is also the best way to build bridges between different countries. Lebanon, which is at a crossroads between East and West, can indeed play a huge role in this program because of its rich history, diversity, dynamism and ability to be engaged in cultural mediation.

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