Ecommerce in Italy has doubled in four years

Ecommerce in Italy has experience a sustained period of growth and is increasingly an important part of the Italian economy. And that could be a spur for merchants to rexamine whether it’s a potentially profitable international marketplace.
The Italian online retail industry in now valued at €24 billion and totals 6% of the total retail industry there, according to Confcommercio. And the report notes that retailers need to best understand how they can effectively integrate their online and offline operations to prosper.
The key sectors online in Italy are tourism (31%) and information technology and consumer electronics (22%) are the most popular with online shoppers. And they’re followed by books, music and films (11%). And, perhaps surprisingly, clothing only has a 5% share of online.
Italy certainly has a great deal of room for online growth: online share still remains relatively small in terms of total GDP compared to other EU nations.