Italy has 150,000 bars that make 18bn euros

Italy's 149,154 bars have an overall turnover of approximately 18 billion euros a year, according to the latest figures presented by the Italian federation of bars and catering (FIPE) on Monday. Hot drinks account for 36% of revenue, with a coffee costing 1 euro on average and a cappuccino 1.30 euros. The northern region of Lombardy has the biggest share of bars, at 16.9%, followed by Lazio (10.4%), Campania (9.6%), Veneto (8.4%) and Piedmont (7.2%). Some 5.4 million Italians have breakfast at a bar, spending on average 2.40 euros.

Instead 1.3 million eat lunch there, spending on average 7.50 euros. Alcoholic drinks and aperitifs account for 13.3% of revenue, brioches for 12.6%, snacks and ice creams for 10.8%, soft drinks for 10.4%, mineral water for 8.8% and sandwiches or dishes for 7.5%. Last year the sector employed 9,900 bar staff, of whom 58% were women and 21% were foreign. In 2017 6,335 new bars opened and 11,979 closed, resulting in a negative balance of 5.644.