EU grants $22 million for Lebanese health sector

The European Union (EU) has offered €19 million ($21.56 million) in grant funding to support Lebanon’s health care system.

The EU Regional Trust Fund grant will secure access to chronic medications, vaccines and essential medical commodities to the most vulnerable population.

The donation raises EU’s support to the health sector to €173 million ($197 million), in response to the Syrian crisis, to strengthen the system and to help meet the basic health needs of both locals and Syrian refugees.

EU Ambassador Christina Lassen said the donation will be for primary and secondary healthcare, and aims at achieving quality, affordable and accessible health services for everyone in need.

“The strong partnership with the EU, the Ministry of Public Health and World Health Organization has ensured that all children have access to quality vaccines to remain safe from outbreaks of preventable diseases,” said Tanya Chapuisat, UNICEF Representative to Lebanon.