$50 million new water projects in Lebanon

The South Lebanon Water Establishment (SLWE) plans to launch four projects worth $50 million to enhance water production services, according to its recently-appointed Director General Wassim Daher.

These projects include the establishment of water pumping stations in Nabeh Alman, Aichieh and Zahrani as well as the expansion of Wazzani pumping station.

The new pumping stations will produce at least 25 million cubic meters (m3) combined, and serve a population of over 350,000.

“The current status of Wazzani pumping station allows it to produce only one million cubic meters, but once it is restored and expanded, it will have a capacity of over four million m3,” Daher said.

The SLWE has 25 large stations producing a combined 50 million m3 with a capacity of 175 million m3. “Our plan is to eventually have an actual production of 150 million m3,” he said.

SLWE also approved the reduction of the new annual subscription fee from LL620,000 ($411) to LL351,000 ($233) for applicants before the end of June.

Customers can now pay the annual fee in four installments at cashU, LibanPost, or OMT instead of visiting SLWE offices.

Overdue payments can be paid in installments over 36 months. Subscribers will get an exemption of 90 percent of the fines if they apply prior to June 30th.

SLWE also set up emergency plans that have teams working around the clock and during holidays to keep services going.