"I suggest Lebitalia organizes one exhibition every year for all its members," says Hassan Samir Attar, the General Manager of Attar Steel

Attar Steel is the only manufacturer of perforated coils and sheets in the Middle East and Gulf. Many steel innovative items are part of Attar’s exclusive trade mark in the industry like light chequered sheets, embossed sheets, Spiral handrail steel tubes, in addition to many other steel items and accessories.


Lebitalia (Lebanese Italian Business Council) member, we had the following interview with Hassan Samir Attar, the General Manager Attar Steel.


Q. When was your company established and what development stages it went through?
A. Attar Steel is a family owned business established in Beirut in 1963 under the name of Samir Attar Stores. Today, Attar Steel is an international trading and manufacturing company with branches all over Lebanon and Saudi Arabia (Riyadh & Jeddah).

Q. What are the main products/services you are recognized for?
A. Attar Steel is well known in its exclusively manufactured steel items and product diversifications.
Q. What are the major areas of the company’s specialization? Are there other fields you would like to expand into?
A. Perforated metal manufacturing is our specialty in addition to pressed decorative steel sheets, decorative spiral pipes, cable tray for electrical industry, and many roll formed steel products.
Q. What are major accomplishments you think the company has achieved that is worth noting?
A. Buying a new land and building our new headquarter in Jiyeh.
Q. What can we expect from the company in the near future?
A. Going into the metal industry (stainless steel, aluminum, brass, etc.)

Q. When did you start your business with Italy?
A. Attar Steel is major importer from Italy Since 1991.

Q. How did it develop?
A. Italy is a major suppliers for different steel items that we deal with.
Q. What do you import (or export to) from Italy? Trade volume?
A. We import steel, stainless steel, hardware and wrought iron.
Q. What should be done in your opinion to further develop Lebanon-Italy relationship?
A. Bilateral businessmen meetings and trade exhibitions.
Q. What role can Lebitalia play in enhancing the bilateral relations?
A. Organize one exhibition every year for all its members.

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