CDR overseeing $4.5 billion in projects in Lebanon

The Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) is supervising the implementation of $4.5 billion worth of ongoing projects, according to its annual progress report for 2018.

The transport sector has the lion’s share of contracts under execution, with $1.3 billion, followed by potable water ($718 million).

Transport falls under the category of basic infrastructure, which includes electricity and telecom. This category includes solid waste, wastewater, and potable water.

The most important projects CDR plans to work on next year include the restoration of the Zouk power plant, and the decommissioning of the Jiyeh plant.

In the transport sector, the CDR will start working on the East Ring Highway in Tripoli, continue working on parts of the Arab Highway and of the Metn Expressway, as well as smaller roads, mainly in Kesrouan.

The CDR signed contracts to work on the South Highway from Burj Rahal to Shabriha, and North Highway from Beddawi to Abboudieh on the border.

In the health sector, the CDR signed contracts with the Islamic Development Bank to finance the construction of public hospitals in Sarafand and Tyr in the south.

The CDR is in the process of expanding the Dbayeh potable water treatment plant and will soon begin construction of Bisri Dam. It also signed contracts for financing potable water projects in Akkar and Jabal Amel.

In terms of wastewater, the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Agence Française de Developpement (AFD) will partake in financing a $175 million wastewater project that benefits the entire Kesrouan coast.

The value of completed projects since the CDR was established in 1992 stands at $10.2 billion, $2.2 billion of which were completed last year alone.